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To Torres Tidal where energy independence and energy security are provided via weather and climate independent tidal current energy.  Our island microgrids can deliver guaranteed 100% renewable energy and also connect with solar, wind, wave and bio-fuel energy sources.

Tidal Power Station Investment Opportunities with 

Island based Community Power Programs.

Torres Tidal provides a sound business approach with the best technology resulting in the best environmental, community and economic outcomes. The very high price of electricity and desalinated water in Torres Strait is due to the remote location, diesel based generation, and the sea & air based transport  to and from and within the Torres Strait Region. This high cost of power generation, together with the government policy of a uniform electricity price throughout the state, results in a high CSO (Community Service Obligation) subsidy burden on the state’sTreasury. This has resulted in recent government initiatives – to reduce power use and hence the CSO cost and to establish IPPs (Independent Power Producers) in the region raising concerns in the local community that the government guarantee regarding power price parity and power availability would not necessarily continue into the future. The answer for all concerned (community, government, power companies and environmentalists) is to generate bulk renewable energy locally that can be both distributed and have a high microgrid and minigrid penetration (% of grid power from renewables) to greatly reduce the transport and consumption of diesel fuel. Renewables are not only good for the environment they secure local power availability and cost. The excellent tidal current renewable energy resource in Torres Strait provide the opportunity for Torres Strait Islanders to have complete power and water security via tidal current energy systems which can produce guaranteed continuous 100% renewable energy.

Torres Strait is blessed with excellent tidal

current renewable energy (6GW) that can

provide a perpetual source of clean


     Hammond Rock Tidal Guage (9 knots)

Tidal currents are cyclic, frequent and absolutely predictable & reliable as they are driven by the Earth’s rotation and solar system gravity. With a small amount of energy storage, tidal generation can guarantee the availability of power & water.
Guaranteed community power and water
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